New vintage at Nana: October 1

vintage blouse, skirt, and jumpsuit

These two photos aren’t technically new, but I re-dressed ye olde mannequin girl yesterday and wanted to share the new look. A gray pleated blouse and a fairly basic black wool skirt will go far in the office this fall and winter. There’s plenty of length in this skirt, so it’s great for the super-tall who might want to wear it high-waisted. There’s a small bow in the front for  a little extra. On the right, is this teal jumpsuit not the best ever? It’s an extra-small, and it’s ready for either an elegant setting or a fun diva Halloween costume.

Here’s the real new stuff: Two pairs of earrings I love!

vintage sarah coventry earrings

Amber clip earrings ($32) | Sarah Coventry golden clip earrings ($34)

I picked up the amber-colored earrings in Vermont, from a woman who said they had been her mother’s for decades. She estimated they dated back to the late 50s or early 60s. The bottom pair is by Sarah Coventry, a jewelry line out of Rhode Island that closed down in the mid-1980s.

Back to work for me…gotta prep some more work-ready vintage for October 18!

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