Another redesigned vintage piece is ready!

vintage redesigned shirt

One of my favorite items I discovered this summer was this lavender three-quarter sleeve top. The color alone didn’t strike me, but I really loved the combination that developed thanks to the black rectangle pattern on top. It was a look that could go from casual to dressy in a heartbeat.

But the top had some damage, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to wear it. I took it to Ginger Root Design where Erin and Kristen started to work their magic. They cut out the damage to the back of the shirt and made it a super-scoop neck that can be worn either way—demure or daring in the front or back! They also added some awesome black trim to the collar.

It’s beauteous! You’ll have to check it out at Nana.

Redesigned vintage top ($110) | Leather skirt ($68) |  Beaded necklace ($12)

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