Vintage tops, worn by some of my favorite ladies

Last week, we gathered at Nana to wish manager and jewelry making pro Daisy bon voyage. Rather than be morose, we tried our best to be merry—after all, new beginnings are exciting.

I caught Nana gals Heather and Tiffany wearing some Quarter Life vintage at the shop:

Tiffany in Quarter Life vintage

Here’s hard-working Tiffany in a fun Quarter Life vintage top. She rolled up the sleeves to make the top a little less formal (aka more fun) and paired it with a vibrant forest green skirt. Her gold jewelry looks awesome against this match. You can’t see them here, but she’s wearing some awesome goldenrod wedges.

Heather in Quarter Life vintage

Heather picked out this mod, floral button-up to wear with Nana’s new rendition of the pleat-front skirt (sneak a peek) for fall.

Vintage fun

I’m not sure what we were dancing for here, but it was worth a share. These ladies like to have fun!

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