How do you clean vintage jewelry?

Vintage Heart Earrings

Over the past few weeks, I’ve offered methods and products I use to clean vintage clothing, shoes, and bags. Next, I planned to offer some guidance about cleaning vintage jewelry. Except…I don’t have that many good tricks up my sleeve. Vintage costume jewelry is one of my new favorite things to find, but I’m far from an expert at telling Bakelite from ordinary plastic, brass from copper, and so on. My lack of knowledge in this area makes it hard to tell which cleaning supplies to use to properly care for vintage jewelry, either costume or fine pieces.
I’ll be reviewing this list of vintage jewelry cleaning tips from Shannan at Junction, who has also provided a Bakelite guide and a costume jewelry guide. These guides were posted before Quarter Life moved to little ol’ WordPress, so they’re due for a reformat.

In the meantime, can you offer any tips for a jewelry cleaning novice? What’s in your vintage toolkit for jewelry? Leave a comment here, or shout out on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll post your favorite methods here!

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