Hand Sewing 101 returns to Ginger Root Design

Ginger Root Design Sewing 101

I’m so pleased that Ginger Root Design has returned to offering sewing classes! I took Hand Sewing 101 back in the day and really enjoyed it. It provided a good foundation for the basic mending I needed to do at home.

From the website (where you can reserve your spot):

The ultimate class for guys or girls just starting out or for sewers wanting to learn how to finish off their projects with a professional touch.

This course offers all the basics of hand sewing: how to begin and finish seams securely, 4 different stitches (including 2 different hemming stitches), attaching buttons (both tailored shirt and winter jacket buttons), and affixing other closures. A great class for those who want to tackle a variety of wardrobe woes.

Our Hand Sewing 101 Class runs for two hours. Classes will take place in our tailoring studio and materials are provided. Spaces are limited and customers are asked to pay ahead of time to guarantee a slot.

Please choose a class date before purchasing. Our dates are as follows;
Tuesday August 21, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Thursday August 30, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

If you have a growing please-mend-me pile at home, or just want to learn the basics in a fun setting, head on over. These girls will set you up just fine. And P.S.—use code HANDSTITCHED at checkout to get $5 off the regular session price of $50.

Enjoy, intrepid sewers!

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