Lisatella’s New Rules of Fashion (a working list)

I have facepalmed enough to realize that we, the ladies and gentlemen of fashion’s online world, are getting away with some pretty ridiculous crap. So I made some rules.

I’ll add to the list as new, worthy ideas come to me, or are suggested by others (with credit where due).

No apologies.

On shopping:

  • I will be aware of where and how my clothing is produced.
  • I will know what fabrics are in my closet, and how to properly care for them.
  • I will make eco-conscious choices. I will reject fast fashion so much more than I accept it in my wardrobe.
    • On my honor, I will try to never again set foot in a Forever 21.
  • I will learn that less is more, and that closets need not burst at the seams in order to properly clothe a woman. I will stop feeling pressured to buy every single latest trend.

On the runway:

  • I will stop breaking my back to get to Fashion Week and back in one healthy piece. It’s not just one big party; it’s a trade show. There’s a benefit to seeing the garments in person, of course. But, unless the every-single-look slide shows disappear from the Internet, I’ll be fine.
  • I will never love every collection I see, or every look in a collection. I’m not helping everyone if I don’t have an opinion. Not everything on the runway is beautiful, or even admirable. I shouldn’t be afraid to share those thoughts. I will do my research.
  • I won’t care less about New York, or Milan, or Paris. But, I will care more about my local design, merchandising, retail, and fashion journalism community.

On being Internet Famous (or dying trying):

  • I won’t take your blog or any other project seriously if you don’t have a firm grasp on the spelling and grammar we should have mastered by high school.
  • I won’t rearrange my schedule (especially at the last minute) for projects or requests that don’t respect my time or energy.
  • I will reject all fashion blogger poses. That goes for real life, too. If you see me slouching in public, you’re allowed to shame me for it.
  • Lateness will never be in fashion (parties excused).


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2 responses to “Lisatella’s New Rules of Fashion (a working list)

  1. That article you linked to from Four Pins is my new best friend. And I loved you before but I love you even more after reading this post!

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