The find: Watch bracelet

Last week I vacationed at the shore in Rhode Island. I found plenty of places to peruse antiques and consigned collectibles (there are two printed guides to the entire state that you’ve just got to pick up from the first shop you encounter), but I came up short when it came to vintage clothing.

No matter—plenty of things caught my eye! I picked up this watch-band-style bracelet for myself at Re:

Bergere bracelet

It’s by a brand called Bergere, which produced costume jewelry between 1947 and 1979. My senses tell me that this expandable bracelet was made in the late 1970s. When I wore it opposite my always-worn chunky watched, my father asked me if I was wearing two watches. It’s pretty great.

Bergere bracelet stretch

Stretch action!

Bergere didn’t use fine metals, but it did use rhodium and brass (and plated some pieces with gold). I doubt this bracelet is plated with white gold, so my guess for now is rhodium. If you have an idea what the composition might be, leave a comment!

Here’s a final look—the company’s mark:

Bergere company mark

I grabbed this piece for the low, low price of $8, and there’s no way I can part with it any time soon. It’s too manly and wonderful (and comfortable!).

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