Field Trip: Finding DC in Colorado

Because MC is a wonderful, wonderful man, he took me shopping as soon as I had adjusted to Colorado’s thin-but-beautiful air. He had a pretty good handle on the secondhand shops where we were vacationing, so we went down the main drag and hit them all!

Hands down the coolest thing I found:

Time Magazine souvenir scarf - DC

It’s a scarf featuring our fair city! As you can see from its perch hanging in my window at home, it’s a sheer brown scarf with navy print getting seriously old-timey about DC. The only hint to its true origins was a tiny line in the corner referencing TIME Magazine.

A little eBay sleuthing offered more info. The scarf shows L’Enfant’s 1792 plan for the city, and was a souvenir from the opening of the 89th Congress on January 4, 1965. The “‘handkerchief’ map with decorated corners” was a “token” from Time (The Weekly Newsmagazine), but it’s unclear who received these tokens.

Of course, the one for sale for a pretty penny on eBay comes with the original box and literature, but hey. I found mine in a pile of scarves in a thrift shop in Colorado. I can’t decide if I should keep it or make it available for some fellow history buff!


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