Recap: Fenton Street Market June 16

Fenton Street Market Quarter Life

Last Saturday I woke up with the birds and headed up to Silver Spring for the Fenton Street Market. In my Ginger Root Design lady tie (I had to spice up my hot-weather basics somehow), I was mistaken for one of the gingers not once but twice. So sorry, dear shoppers. I am not quite so ginger.

Alina the Hyperbalist

Alina, better known by some as The Hyperbalist, joined me for part of the day. She was doing a little dance when I snuck this photo, which she will probably not approve of. But I think she looks darling.


The quickest way to my heart is to bring a corgi into my tent. This is Einstein. He was a sweetie.

PA plate from Lucky Girl Vintage

I couldn’t resist doing a little vintage shopping for myself. Are you surprised? No, you’re not.

I grabbed this old PA plate from Debbie at Lucky Girl Vintage. She’s a Pennsylvania girl too, and I’ll even forgive that she’s from the Pittsburgh area, not Philly. Debbie brought great furniture and home decor pieces to the market with her.

Leopard Cookie Vintage bow necklaces

Rachel and Taylor of Leopard Cookie Vintage had some fabulous vintage bargains in their tent. I picked up a fun dress that I later learned will never fit over my behind, so that will be passed on (good for you, sad for me). My favorite find in their tent was a gold-tone necklace with three bows. I grabbed it as soon as I spotted it, because I knew it was exactly the complement to my silver bow necklace that I wear frequently. You can see them in the photo above, with my original necklace on top and my new addition on the bottom. I have no idea who made these necklaces, but I can’t resist them. If you know anything about them, leave a comment!

I’ll be at the Fenton Street Market again on July 28. See you then!

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