Eco-Chic Pop-Up Shop at Benevolent Media Festival June 23

Eco-Chic Pop-Up during Benevolent Media Festival 2012
This weekend during the Benevolent Media Festival we’re gathering together some of your favorite eco-chic vendors for a pop-up shop at Mova (2204 14th St. NW — at 14th and W, suspiciously close to the amazing Fast Gourmet).

I thought it would be fun to ask each creative mind involved to describe their businesses and share why being kind to the environment is important to them. Here’s what they had to say!
Founder: Eliot Payne
Where to find it:

In his own words: I sell bow ties that are anything but traditional. As far as being “eco-friendly” with my bow ties repurposed from neckties, I really do it mostly for 2 reasons: first, I happen to wear and enjoy a lot of vintage clothing and having bow ties made from vintage goods and fabrics kinda just makes sense to me, and second, there are a lot of these neckties that are heinous in their current form and nobody is going to wear them as-is but they can look incredible when refashioned into something smaller and more appropriate.



Founter: Katie Stack
Where to find it: Etsy
In her own words: I started my business when I found a box of scrap leather that was going to be thrown into a dumpster.  I figured I could make *something* out of it, and maybe someone would like to buy it. That was several years ago, and now I order my scrap leather by the pound from a salvage company (that buys it by the pound from garment, handbag, and upholstery companies) or friends in the garment industry send me scrap from their cutting room floors.   I rarely know what I am going to get, what size the pieces are going to be, or how I am going to use it until I open the box and get inspired.   I like that my pieces are made from a material that is natural and if I didn’t use it, it might end up as landfill.

Founder: Melissa Esposito
Where to find it:
In her own words: I make stationery, prints, and other little bits from reclaimed books and maps.  I hate hate hate seeing still-useful items go to the trash or recycling bins instead of being reused, so my work uses almost entirely rescued materials.


Quarter LifeQuarter Life
Founder: Lisa Rowan (that’s me!)
Where to find it:
In my own words: I sell vintage clothing and accessories with a focus on beautiful items that can become go-to pieces in a modern wardrobe. Much of the clothing offered today doesn’t match the quality of previous decades—it’s important to be conscious of what we consume and take advantage of what’s already available to us.


UnTietled Up-Cycled CreationsUnTietled
Founder: Yanina Angelini
Where to find it:
In her own words: UnTietled pieces are vintage ties, re-purposed into neck wear for women and men. UnTietled is environmentally friendly in that I use only vintage and antique materials in my creations–from the ties, to buttons, lace and even the thread! it is a great way to take a once-loved item that might have become unused and give it a new life. All creations are designed and hand-stitched by myself.


Founder: Yasmin Bowers
Where to find it:,
In her own words: YB Green® is a brand of recycled glass jewelry that is completely handmade using bottles that I collect from the 9th Ward community of New Orleans.  Each piece of jewelry continues to raise awareness that the City of New Orleans has not recycled glass since Hurricane Katrina and there is a community need for it.

Come out and meet these fine crafty people on Saturday!
(And then stick around for a drink!)

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