Field Trip: New York’s east side

Citi Field

Memorial Day weekend! A glorious weekend. I did a little shopping, a lot of visiting with vintage-loving friends, some museum-gazing, and learned a hell of a lot about what happens to your body when you sit in the sun all day without proper hydration.

Photos after the jump!


Grey Era Vintage

After several lengthy, heartfelt email chats with owner Sierra, I finally made it to Grey Era Vintage. It’s on what might be the coolest street in the East Village.

Grey Era Vintage

I love the faux all-season fireplace action she’s got going on here. I left with a rockabilly-ready skirt (with pockets) that I’ll be wearing around town soon. If you love the early 90s, you need to grab your Friends Season One DVDs and check out Grey Era.

Lisa at A Little Wicked

Next I was on a mission to find beloved Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage. I found her at her usual haunt: A Little Wicked.

JP vintage

My partner-in-crime Jess helped herself to everyone’s accessories, trying out Sammy’s shades and Sara‘s parasol.

vintage gifting
Sara of Fashion Attack stopped by to give Sammy this awesome crystal necklace, which Sammy obviously loved. Sammy let us all touch and examine her paper comics-page skirt, which really is made of paper. She admitted she wasn’t doing much sitting in the delicate skirt!

Sara’s outfit is worth peeping too. She’s a gorgeous, gorgeous nostalgic lady.

Sammy and Lisa

And so, much fun was had on a sweaty, sunny day during a sweaty, sunny weekend. It was great to see Sammy again!

Until next time, Nueva York!

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, girl! You are sweet as honey! If I am ever in your neck of the woods we must thrift❤ And if you come back to NYC, please visit me😉

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