The find: Antiques in Delaware

Antique Mall

I decided that a horrific rainy spell last weekend would be a great time to go to every antiques mall in Delaware!

Whatever, I still had a good time. I was very productive and only filled one car* full of things I Just Couldn’t Live Without. I even enjoyed some Wawa soft pretzels, which aren’t as good as the real thing but are close enough.

Below the jump you’ll find snaps of some of the s’wonderful things I found and loved.

vintage Game of Life

Not sure who that is endorsing the game, but I bet he was coordinated enough to keep the spinner wheel from coming off its track…unlike yours truly.

Art Deco Baker's Rack

If I were a woman with a home I’d do anything to have this baker’s rack. Deco!

vintage kitchen canisters

The coolest way to store your sugar, tea and coffee.

Arithmetic We Use book

Probably should have gotten this book to brush up on my pitiful math skills. I wonder who doodled the martinis on the cover? I’m in agreement with those.

random vintage stuff

I spy a Barbie doll case and a coffee table book about William and Harry’s dad!

vintage Pyrex bowls
I don’t understand why any engaged person would register for dishes of any sort when they could go to a random antique mall and take their pick from the Pyrex collection. I recently grabbed a set of the Pyrex “Crazy Daisy” pattern (the green and white at top right, also seen in Grey’s Anatomy from time to time) on eBay to replace a bowl from my mom’s collection. Had I waited for this trip, I could have gotten three sets for her! Crazy Daisy was popular back in the day.

vintage typewriter

Love this typewriter, mostly for the color.

vintage sunbeam mixer

If I had any room at home for another mixer I never use, this would be coming home with me. Interesting that my modern-day mixer is also yellow!
I’m also convinced I’m reading the tag wrong, because I could swear there’s a swear word on there.

*Only one vehicle accompanied me on my journey.


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4 responses to “The find: Antiques in Delaware

  1. NICE!!! How were the prices–full retail, fair discount or total steal?

    • It definitely varied from vendor to vendor in the antique malls. I was pretty quick to jump on anything fair retail and below. One antiques mall offered me their shop cat. I am 80% sure they were kidding.

  2. An afternoon of antiquing sounds absolutely fabulous! I haven’t been to a good antique mall since moving here–maybe you can recommend your favorites?🙂 Also–my parents totally have that version of Life! It’s the one that we always played. I have no idea who that guy is either haha

    • One place I hadn’t visited before is Bridgeville, sort of along Rt. 404 on the way out to the beaches. There’s a Goodwill and an antiques mall (the place that had a shop cat!) along the side of the road, with nothing else around. The Goodwill was meh (after working with DC Goodwill, everything else pales in comparison!) but the Antique Alley was awesome. It was so big, they had a snack bar in the middle. Free coffee!

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