Skirting the issue

A recent New York Times piece announces that “anything goes” when it comes to skirts. It also declares that skirts are making a comeback now that leggings are commonplace.

Knee-length vintage skirts


Ruth La Ferla noted in the article that longer skirts—midis, maxis, whatever you choose—are particularly accepted now. What was once dowdy is now deliciously demure!

black vintage skirt

In honor of this skirt trend (or un-trend?), I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites in the knee-length region. These three just went out at Nana and are lightweight enough for summer days. I particularly like the black one above for the sneaky side-pleat going on on the left. Sometimes a ton of pleats can make you look young. I think this is a good mix.

My trick to wearing a good knee- 0r calf-length skirt without looking oldy-moldy  is to make sure it fits well at your waist, not hanging off your hips. Try it!

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  1. I love these kind of skirts…and pretending like I’m in Mad Men…!

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