Lessons in alterations, from your friends at Jezebel

I love Jezebel. It’s my not-so-secret dream to write for Jezebel. And today, a little bird tossed my way this gem of a blog post: it’s about how to alter a vintage dress you just thrifted for a few measly bucks. Too long? Too small? Too big? Weird darts? Writer Jenna Sauers says have no fear: you can fix it.

While professional tailoring is certainly an option, there’s a weird feeling of financial asymmetry to dropping $40 or $50 on a thrift-store dress, and besides, a lot of tailors take your individual measurements but work off standard sizing blocks, which isn’t terribly helpful if you are very long or short-waisted, broad or narrow-shouldered, small or large-chested, or have any other of a myriad bodily quirks. But fear not: with a few easy tricks, a little bit of knowledge, and a seam ripper, you can make a not-quite-perfect secondhand dress into something that fits like it was made for you.

Read the post, then set it aside and read it again later. You may even want to print out the whole damn thing (I know, I’m thinking of the trees too) and stick it in your sewing/mending/kit-slash-dry-cleaning-pile for reference. Jezebel, I lurrve you for this post and many other reasons.

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