Field Trip: Current Boutique (DC)

1809 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20029

MC and I were on our way to a certain new fancy taco joint recently when I noticed that the new Current Boutique location was right next door. After a very filling meal and some mojitos I demanded that he accompany me into the store for a stroll. Then this happened:







This is why we don’t go shopping together more often.

Does anyone go to Current for the new stuff? Serious question. I ask mostly because any time I’ve walked into a Current location, I breeze right by the new items and go right to the used. Why? Because I know I’m going to run into a bunch of Jimmy Choos and Manolos and the like. And those are names I know, and names I covet from time to time, so it gives me the giggles (just a little) to see those top brands.

But, it’s sort of a bummer to see the Choos mixed in with the Target shoes. I get that it’s part of the fun, to sort through the diamonds in the rough to find that special treasure that’s all yours. But when a store is opening its third location, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and decide on a direction: mainstream discount vs. designer. (We all know designer is more fun).

The store seems to big for what it has and the staff seems unenthralled. But I’ll give it time. And I’ll certainly be back, if only for a browse (efficiently, alone).

My dear friend Manolo

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One response to “Field Trip: Current Boutique (DC)

  1. I’ve walked by there, but I haven’t peeked in. How are the prices?

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